who you are affects those around you.

i remember having this conversation years ago with a single friend, who commented that he loved being single because he could do what he wanted, and what he did didn’t affect anyone else.  i have to admit that the first time i heard this, i was shocked.  but there are many people who think that what they do in “private” has no effect on others publicly.

i think that our actions affect those around us.  sure, the immediate consequence might not always be evident to others.  but every action you make has consequences.  action leads to habits and forms character.  and who you are affects others.  if you are happy, you can’t help but fill every room you walk in with joy.  if you smile, you brighten up people around you.  and the converse is the same.

what is going on internally is reflected outwardly and affects those around you.

so, what atmosphere are you creating for others around you today?