sometimes we use words that mean something to one person, but mean something slightly different to someone else.

it’s vital to understand what the other person means, yet in reality, we all see things through filters.  person a says something, meaning x, but person b hears it and thinks that means y.  and i also filter what people say because of who they are.  if person c and person d both say the exact same thing z; there’s no doubt that i take into account the character, personality and what i know of person c and d to understand what they mean by z.

i reckon most fights and debates could be resolved if we took more care in using the right words before communicating to others and also taking time to understand what the other party is trying to say before we jump to conclusions.  and perhaps sometimes technology today doesn’t help.  it’s much easier to understand tone through someone’s body language or voice than it is over sms.

one of the most valuable things i’ve learnt through starting up my own photography business is that both the receiver and the sender are responsible for miscommunication.