i quit something this week. and it created more space in my life. i felt lighter and freer and i didn’t realise how much emotional energy it was sucking from me until i finally made the decision to eliminate that thing out of my life. had i trusted my gut instinct, i would have done it a lot sooner and saved myself all that grief!

last year, the world was fixated by the konmari movement of decluttering our homes. no doubt, part of the success of marie kondo’s methods was that by decluttering our physical environment, it would also make us feel more at peace, in turn creating more space in our lives.

i’m all for adventure and experiencing new things to expand my thinking. however, if i keep adding new things to my life, then it only makes sense that i will need to eliminate some stuff in my life.

i first heard about this concept of quitting things regularly, through bob goff. every thursday, he deliberately quit something to eliminate noise in his life and “let the symphony have the stage again”.

maybe instead of focussing on setting goals every year to achieve something new, we might be better quitting 52 things in a year. who knows, it might bring greater clarity to what’s truly important in our lives.