road trip

this last week, i’ve driven over 3,290km in a car.  it’s crazy, even more so when i type that figure out .. so if i’m silent, it might just be me  hibernating for the next few days to recover!!!

which brings me to my point : momentum.  it’s so much easier to keep moving than it is to start again from stationary.  and i’ve been pretty determined to accomplish a bit during the college holidays and make the most of my break off teaching.  for those of you who know me, you know when i put my mind to something, i’m pretty determined and it gets done.  this is, if i want to do it 🙂

the last few days, i’ve had doors close on me, and doors left slightly ajar, then doors slam on me… and trust me, i’ve wanted to call “time out” and just stop and to gather my sanity and reflect (which is my default position i have to say!) but i’m grateful for a friend who reminded me that sometimes it’s good to just keep going when the momentum is there.  and it’s so true.  sometimes, its might seem at face value that it’s more costly to keep the momentum going, but when things stop… boy is it hard to gather motivation to start again.

i don’t know where you’re at right now, or what circumstances you find yourself in as you read this.  so to the reader out there, i want to encourage you to keep going.  even if it’s one tiny step at a time.  just move.  and things will fall into place.  ideas will come… and even though it doesn’t seem like you’re heading anywhere fast, you’ll be amazed just how far you’ve come when you look in the rear view mirror!