playful, fun kids

i’ve been mulling over this thought for the last couple of days.

what do i stand for?

a quote from erwin mcmanus’ book – the last arrow

“you have to decide what will define you.  what will mark you as a person? how will you be known by others? your decisions are the direct result of truly knowing yourself.”

what defines me? 

+ integrity : doing what i say i will do

+ believing the best in people

+ constantly seeking to learn + improve

+ having fun + being playful

+ bringing light to people

+ doing something about causes that matter to me

+ being authentic

by the way, the photograph was taken on a holiday trip to indonesia and i love it cos’ it reminds me of the playful, fun nature of kids.  sometimes i think some adults could learn this from kids.  perhaps that’s why i like photographing kids 🙂

i also agree with erwin about the importance of truly knowing oneself.  if you’re on this journey of discovering who you are, one test i really like is the clifton strengths test, formerly known as the strengthsfinder.

are there any other strengthsfinder fans out there?  if so, please do comment and let me know what your top 5 are!  mine are learner, futuristic, ideation, strategic and restorative.  i would especially love to meet fellow ideators!  i get accused of swapping between topics so quickly… and after taking this test, i realised its cos’ ideation is top strengths!  ideators are fascinated with ideas and are able to find connections between what others see as disparate things.