“i bought my house in an elevator” – said no one ever!!

seriously though, when was the last time you heard someone buy anything in an elevator? elevators, being a metal box don’t even have great mobile or wireless reception, so it’s not even conducive to online purchases!

seth godin posed a challenging question this week – why then do business owners end up focussing on creating an elevator pitch if no one has ever bought anything in an elevator?

that’s a good question. i have to admit, i don’t think i’ve stopped to think through why an elevator pitch is important. i just assumed it was something i needed because the “experts” said so. it might be important, but the point i’m making here is not to blindly accept what others say is right. instead, ask why?

i was a shy asian kid fresh out of university. during the first week of my first paid job, my boss pulls me into a meeting. nervously, i reluctantly stagger into his office, racking my brain to figure out what i had done wrong this time.

“the next time we have a meeting with external vendors, i want you to ask a question. don’t just sit there silently. ask any question. i’ll be there … ”

day after day, week after week, he would confront me after i was silent in meetings. i wasn’t blatantly trying to ignore his orders. but i wanted to look intelligent and not reveal my stupidity by asking a silly question.

years later, i now realise his logic. he was teaching me to think and ask good questions. and there’s only one way to ask good questions – is to start asking questions. any silly question. just get in a habit of asking questions and the fear of looking silly will fade. often, what you think is a silly question is the exact question everyone else has but is too afraid to ask.

i like what tony robbins said – “if you want to raise the quality of your life, then start asking yourself quality questions.” 

what question are you asking yourself today?