“ouch.  oh wow.  that feels better.  no wait.. hmm, my head… oh boy, what’s happening?”   lucky i was sitting down, as it felt like the world was spinning.

that was my reaction when my chiropractor cracked my neck and spine.  i’d been in a lot of pain, and knew it was time for a slight adjustment, for realignment.  but this adjustment spun me out and i was feeling a bit dizzy.

“its your parasympathetic nervous system catching up with your sympathetic nervous system.  i’ll just give you a minute for your nervous system to settle”.    the chiropractor then proceeded to explain what was technically happening pointing to the skeleton in the room, at the same time giving me time to settle.

in plain language, my head needed some time to catchup with what had just happened.  to process what had happened.  to catch up with reality and for my head to match the realignment that had just happened in my body.  for my head to register and catch up to my new normal.

it took a mere five seconds for the adjustment, and about a minute or two for the nerves to settle.  and realign and adjust to my new normal.

i wonder – with the crazy fast paced lives that seems to be the acceptable norm in culture nowadays, how many opportunities for adjustment were simply missed because there was no space to breathe and realign?

sometimes, the realignment is so tiny.

you might have all 99% right, with only 1% needing realignment to be back on track again.