when’s the last time you took some time out to look at your life and review what has been going on?

for highly driven people, it’s sometimes easy to move from one thing to the next.  without much breathing space in between projects.  i feel like in today’s fast paced society, busyness is almost a holy grail, signifying importance.

this last month, i’ve been blessed with the luxury of slowing down.  i’ve rediscovered my love of reading, started writing again and journalling more, prioritised time to reflect, explored new places, surfed on my new board, prayed .. and gave myself time to just let the tears out and heal.

i created space to go back in my “time machine” and review 2019 so far.

i’ve realised the importance of acknowledging, accepting and embracing my strengths.  i got to know myself better and learnt ways of how i can enrich my soul daily.  i’m not sure how long this current season will last, but this space has given me a bit more clarity for the next season of my life.