i don’t know why, but i’m drawn to the character joshua in the bible.  and it’s well known that the LORD tells him several times in the book of joshua to be strong and courageous.  but recently when i read it, i noted that the israelites, his own followers told him the exact same thing.

check this out in joshua 1:18 “whoever rebels against your word and does not obey your words, whatever you many commend them, will be put to death.  only be strong and courageous

it struck me that we need strong, courageous leaders.  leaders who are willing to make the tough decisions – it could be an unpopular decision, but it needs to be made.  followers need leaders who are strongly convicted, driven by their principles. and who stick to it when the time gets tough.  i sense that now more than ever, we need strong leaders.

i’m curious to find out from those reading this, who are strong and courageous leaders that you know?

i think we all follow others – whether consciously or subconsciously.

that’s it from me today – but there’s more leadership talk coming this way.  it’s been a hot topic on my mind lately.

for those of you who are readers, one of the best leadership books i’ve read lately is “leadership is an art” by max de pree.

have an awesome week!

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