i’ve been fascinated for the longest time about being the best version of yourself, achieving, doing all you can with what you have.  i wouldn’t quite go as far as mae in the movie the circle, where she says that she is most scared of “unfulfilled potential”.

i’m not so much interested in what natural abilities or gifts or talents one has, but more what you do with what you are given, or born with.. or even harnessing that to the fullest potential.

yes, i’m constantly asking the question, “why”.  why do we do it this way?  especially when i can spot inefficiencies in processes.

what makes someone fulfil 100% of their potential, versus someone that say achieves only 10% … or dare i say, even less than that?  is there something that we (the collective community) can do to, perhaps an environment that can be cultivated, so that we help others reach their full potential?  call me a dreamer, an idealistic, but i have no doubt that the world will be a better place if everyone individually were living the full potential in every area of life.. their best life.

reading this article about heath ledger, i can’t help but be saddened that he didn’t live longer. it sounded like he would have impacted a lot more people if he hung around.  talented in everything he put his hand to… “he was really good at everything”, his friend wrote about him.   for those of you who are living in australia, i’m really keen to see this exhibition – if there’s anyone else interested, lemme know and we can head to canberra together!

and what’s the point of living out your fullest potential you might ask?  it’s not the end goal to get to that pinnacle, but for the benefit of others.

it always is for others.

so shine brightly…. the world needs you!!!