it’s rare that you get given a truly free gift.

it never usually is free.  by free i do not mean that it did not cost the giver something, but free from the receiver’s point of view.

there’s usually some hidden strings attached, some obligation attached to it… it might not be explicitly mentioned, but sometimes there is an implied exchange, there is an assumed transaction, if not now but in the future.  you see it all the time in businesses – where you get something free if you purchase x… spend $80 now and get a free credit to be used next month etc.

today i was reminded of god’s free gift to me.  through the sacrifice of his son jesus who died for me, he gave me life even before i even knew who he was and his love continually transforms me, day by day…

to be more like god is to give freely to others like he first did.  to follow his example and continually practice giving what he’s so richly given me and sharing it with others.  to be a conduit of god’s generosity and bring others surprises and fill them with joy. actually putting it that way makes me think how amazing it is to give, because you get the privilege of being used by god in that way… to show others the great jehovah jireh.  i used to have a poverty mindset and thought that if i gave, that meant i had less, and i would lose out… the “kiasu” mentality that many singaporeans are brought up with.

i’m very much still a baby when it comes to living life from a mindset of abundance… and soo excited to dig into more revelations through kris vallotton’s new book!