wild and free

i’ve always been captivated by horses.

not particularly to ride them, as i had an embarrassing moment a couple of decades ago.

but there’s something wild and free about them. their mane, careless and recklessly wild, flowing ever so freely with the wind.

there’s something attractive about just letting your hair down, allowing it to be free to move with the direction of the wind.

oh to be wild and free.

it got me thinking – what if i didn’t have a care in the world… what would i do? but why do we think like that? why not think who would i be?

i want to be reckless in my love, wild and free with who i lavish love on.

i feel sometimes love is so calculated and friendships so measured.

i desire to be wild, free and reckless as i seek and pursue the trail of sweetness, beauty, grace and kindness of my lover, my saviour.