come away with me, poem

i’ve been getting in the habit of taking a quick reset (which for me means having a quick surf) and today after i got out of the water, i wrote this poem.

i’ve only ever written perhaps a couple of poems in my life… so for those of you reading, please go easy on me!

this is dedicated to my friends (you know who you are) who are going through a rough time at the moment…

a love poem from my best friend jesus…

maybe one day i might put some music to it 🙂

come away with me
let me caress you
shower my love on you
my thoughts are with you
i long to be with you

come away with me
let me refresh you
soak in my presence
let me wash away your worries
show you the things that truly matter

come away with me
let go and fall
in the safety of my arms
let me embrace you and hold you tight
i understand all you are going through

come away with me
lean on me
i will hold you steady
there is nothing to fear
i am always by your side

come away with me
find peace in me
let me comfort you
for i know you intimately
i will never leave nor forsake you

come away with me
rest and know that
with every breath you take
the depth and width
of my love for you grows

come away with me
there is no time wasted
spent in my presence
my dear child
there is nothing i won’t do for you