if i’m not surfing in my spare time, there’s high chances that i’m buried amongst books.

i’ve recently rediscovered my love of books. if i drive past a second hand bookshop in a small country town, chances are that i will probably stop for a break. the business / self improvement section has long been my long time favourite, or more recently the interior design section.

right now, here are the list of books that i’m currently reading

– show your work by austin kleon

– thinking fast and slow by daniel kahnman

– the daniel dilemma by chris hodges

– leadership jazz by max de pree

– trillion dollar coach by eric schmidt, jonathan rosenberg and alan eagle

– bird by bird by anne lamott

– the end of the affair by vintage green

i decided this year that i want to read a book at least every couple of weeks, so 26 books at least!

i’ve also turned my car into a university and loving long drives as i’m learning lots through listening to podcasts. npr’s how i built this is a must listen every week. and i’m also currently going back to listen to tim ferriss’ long form interviews on experts in the area of finance.

i’m curious – what are you reading now? and if you listen to podcasts, what are they? please do comment as i’m always on the lookout for great books and podcasts!