this last month has been a real time of flux. one day into my new living arrangement, i felt this real sense of space. it was strange, it wasn’t like i had miraculously found more hours in the day…. but i felt like i had so much more space. i was doing the same things each day, but yet it felt so much more spacious! my brain felt more spacious, i felt i had more physical time… and i begun to realise just how much mental, emotional and physical space was being consumed because of my previous living situation.

physical environment plays such an important role in one’s life, and i am continually learning what impact this has on me.

it’s strange, if you have met me in the last 3 years, you would think i’m constantly on the move, as i’ve moved 3 times in the last years! (trust me, it’s not a very nice process). however, prior to that, i’ve pretty much lived in the same suburb for 15+ years.

i hope that this new place will be called home for a while… i have to say i’m spoilt by this amazing view… just the other day i woke up and felt like i was being treated to a visual buffet!