glean has a few definitions and the one i’m referring to is = to gather (leftover grain) after a harvest.

i wrote about this in a different context before.  today, i’m pondering what gleaning looks like in a work context.  i’m used to working to my fullest potential, to do wise deals that mean that things are pushed to it’s maximum.  but perhaps instead of acting on all the opportunities i’ve been given – i can allow gleaning to happen and to give others the opportunity they might not have.  two examples of this that are fresh in my mind were both shown to me by the same friend.

one. there was a property deal where he was fortunate to get at a good price due to some possible foundation issues. upon further inspection, those potential issues were not causing any current major issues.  he  renovated it and rented it out so the property was cashflow positive.  9 months, he then sold it gaining a 30% profit.   the agent told him that he could have probably received $40,000 more if he wanted.   i asked him why he didn’t push the price higher and he replied simply saying that he was happy with the profit and wanted to leave the buffer for the next person for the possible foundation issues.

two. we had both independently identified a great property that was going for auction and upon chatting to each other about it, he generously offered that if i wanted to buy it, he would not bid on it and let me go for it as he knew i was trying to get into this area.

these show me examples of gleaning, to decide not to do something so that others have opportunity for their own fruitful labour. it also shows me a person that realises that there are plenty of opportunities to go around.  this friend has an abundance mindset and he does not think that by being generous to someone else, he will lose out.

how about you? in what areas of your work can you allow for gleaning?