the last few days i’ve been skiing.  and improving as you would expect each day.  but yesterday, for whatever reason, i had a really bad day on the slopes – and it felt like i reverted back to how i was 3 years ago.  my bad skiing habits came back, i lost my confidence and then my thinking got me going in a downward spiral – and it definitely showed in my skiing.

my ski instructor friend heard about the terrible time i was having and the first moment she had a break, she kindly gave me a quick lesson.  it took 5-10min and i was back on track again.

i think we all need friends like this.  it only took a few small corrections and i was set to continue the rest of the day by myself.  in life, if we catch things quickly enough, it’s easier to make small adjustments then when we let things escalate.  by that time, the change we have to make is bigger, and harder.  sometimes all it takes is a friend to ask you the right question, with honesty, and love and the right motive.

that’s the power of accountability.  for someone to ask you the tough questions when you might not be so forthcoming in initiating sharing about the issue you’re facing.  i blessed to have such a friend where we check in with each other every week.  there’s been times where i’ve been in a great season of my life, and she hasn’t – and we’ve been able to share each others joy and burdens.  and there’s been times where it’s been the opposite.  over the year or so that we have been doing weekly checkins, we have built up trust where we can openly share what areas of our lives are not going so well.  we are able to ask the hard questions – “how’s your heart going?”, what do you need prayer for?  and to help each other out.

thank you d… xoxo