stories worth telling

this could be strange coming from an introvert…

but in recent times, i’ve been trying to bring friends along with me to certain things i am interested in… apart from the fact that experiences are much better when shared with someone else :P, it’s a good leadership principle.

i find it doesn’t take that much extra effort to bring someone alongside me – to mentor them, to impart to them values.

so… who are you mentoring?  who are you bringing with you through your life journey?  would love to hear your journey in the comments below!

p.s i took the photograph on my trip to cebu philippines in 2011 – a life changing time for me.  not only was i helping a group reach out to the families who were living in a rubbish dump (literally) when an electrical fire wiped out their neighbourhood… but the highlight for me was meeting my sponsor child for the first time.  i’ll save that story for another time!

p.p.s oh, and the watermark is created for my new passion project, stories worth telling