it’s been less than 1 day since i last touched any form of social media – facebook, instagram… and i’m realising how addicted i have become to it and how much looking at social media had become part of my daily routine :-I

we seem to value seeing other people DO things and it almost seems like it’s not good work unless it’s seen on social media.  i wonder if it’s the instant gratification and validation we get from posting on social media and the likes that follow that causes us to be addicted?  there are many who do “good” work but you might not know about it.

these next 3 months, i’ve been accepted to be part of seth godin’s podcasting fellowship – and putting in 1-3h each day learning the in’s and out’s of podcasting – interacting on a private forum with a hundred people all around the world, doing homework that alex sets for us each day and helping others on that journey.  we have just completed week 1, and already i’m learning the benefits of showing up every day.  you can’t guarantee you will be a success, but you can put in the hard work and show up daily.

just like the multitude of stars in the milky way in this photograph i took at bombo quarry, it takes years to shine brightly, 10 million years apparently for a star!