This month, I have been going through YWAM’s “Commission the City” course with a group of Christian work colleagues.  As part this weeks’ discussion, we have been sharing about the changes we would like to see in our communities and the plans we have to bring about a culture shift within our communities.   

One couple shared about how some friends had recently come into their lives after a long period of absence.  Together, the rest of the group reflected on how open to God and available this couple was.  This couple had space in their lives and were ready and available to embrace the opportunity to share God’s love to people who had unexpectedly reached out to them. 

As I pondered on this, it made me wonder about how some of us live with little to no margin in our daily lives.  How much space do we leave in our lives so we can fully grasp hold of any unexpected impromptu gospel opportunities that arise?  We seem to pride ourselves on our busyness, boasting on Instagram stories of what we did and ate in the last 24h.  

In Leviticus 19:9-10, the people of God were commanded to deliberately leave some of their harvest and not reap to the edges of their fields, to allow the poor and foreigners to glean.  But what does this have to do with our lives today?  Firstly, this concept speaks directly against idea of maximum efficiency and profitability in the modern world.  And whilst we have lost some of the significance of gleaning as we are no longer live in an agricultural society, I’ve been intrigued by this concept of gleaning and wondering about how, if at all, can this might be applied now.   

Perhaps it is the deliberateness of thinking and caring for the needy in their daily work that struck me.  Whilst this might not be an obvious correlation, I’m wondering what difference it would make if we deliberately allowed space and time in our daily lives for others around us who are needy? 

I wonder how many of you, like me have prayed and asked God for opportunities to display and tell off His love to others.  Yet when that opportunity arises, is my life so packed and full that I dismiss that opportunity as a mere inconvenience, being unable to grasp hold of that opportunity to display Christ’s love to the fullest extent? 

In the gospels, they are stories of how Jesus was “interrupted” in his daily routine as sick people reached out to him for  help.   But I never once read of a rushed Jesus who ignored their needs simply because he was too busy and focused at his task on hand.  

Today, as you go about your regular work day, I pray that God may open your eyes to see the myriad of opportunities there are to show and tell of Christ’s love to others around you.  May you allow time for these opportunities to arise and be willing to be inconvenienced as you spend time loving the people that God has surrounded you with right now in your life.