i’m not referring to the one that everyone knows about, the famous person, the popular person that a crowd gathers around. no, not that one. but the one that others dismiss. the one that people walk by, the one that no one else sees.

cos’ every one matters.

i’ve seen others elevate their own position by strategically aligning themselves with people who are notable. granted, that might be a great way to get yourself to the “top”, or to build a network quickly. but that’s only one way.

every one matters.

what if it’s not about building a network quickly, but building a stronger, more resilient network. having an eye on the long game.

if everyone only associates with people who are at the “top” of their game, how are people who are just starting out going to get to the “top”. does it even matter that they get to the “top”?

( i should stop here and clarify what i do and don’t mean by the “top”. i don’t mean top to mean the top of their net worth, or popularity, but refer to it as a figure of speech as the “top” is where most people strive to get to. maybe where people want to get to is to be seen. truly seen. for who they are. that’s a whole different topic, which i might explore in another blog spot. but i think most people don’t know who they are. and we are *all* on that journey of self discovery, of finding our identity. so if by the “top” is where most people want to head to, it’s to, once knowing your true identity, it’s to show the world who they are, and be seen. )

i believe it matters that everyone has a chance to get to the “top”. i believe in diversity. i believe in including others. i believe the world is a richer place with everyone in it.

i believe every one is created here on earth for a purpose.

now, don’t get me wrong. i’m not saying everyone should be included at the top in everything you do, all the time. but everyone should be at least be given a chance, or two.. or maybe more.

every one deserves a chance to be heard.

i believe every one has gold in them, if we only care, take time and value them enough, and be willing to create the space so they are able to be vulnerable and express what’s truly inside themselves. their gold.

is there someone you can include today? are you creating the space for someone else to get to their top?

cos’ every one matters.