sleep.. is like water.

in that we need a certain amount of sleep each day like we need a certain amount of water every day.  for me, i need at least 8h sleep to function well, and 2L of water (more if I’m exercising).

i had a very terrible sleep last night, probably at most 2h and made a futile attempt to catchup on sleep during the day.  i realised how much more effort it was to maintain at the least a neutral mood for the rest of the day – which i don’t think i was very successful 🙁

it brought me to recall a few things i read recently.

one : thrive by arianna huffington

two : tim ferriss’ 21 day no complaining challenge

when i first started tim’s challenge, i didn’t think it would be that difficult and it made me realise how often my thoughts were negative.

i definitely don’t want to be a person that constantly complains… it’s totally draining being around someone like that.

one great thing this morning was gradually waking up and seeing the sun rise up slowly.  i think that is a great natural way to start the day!  here’s a sunrise photograph i took at cradle mountain… while i’m on a mountain theme here at lake crackenback.

on that note, i’m off to bed so i can get back to “normal” tomorrow!

good night everyone 🙂