i’m not sure if it’s cos’ i’m organised, or whether it’s cos’ i’m keen to live life to the fullest, but here are some time or productivity hacks that might help others.

my motivation for being efficient is so that i can fit as much into my life as possible.  i don’t like wasting time on unnecessary things!

being an apple lover, below are programs that can be used on a mac (but not exclusively) and iphone apps that i regularly enjoy

  1. facebook i feel is one of those necessary annoying things – i want to know what’s going on when i’m tagged or when someone comments and i want to be involved in some closed groups (which is where i find the most value).. but i don’t want to spend endless amount of time reading my newsfeed.  so i have installed the “facebook newsfeed irradicator“.  although i’ve self imposed a fast from facebook for now so i can concentrate on other work… like starting and writing this blog!
  2. never again waste time getting distracted by ads on your browser!  install the adblock extension on google chrome.  and do the same for youtube ads!
  3. for a faster machine, memory clean clears your memory from those power hungry apps!
  4. don’t search around trying to find that sheet of paper or book where you wrote that password..  save it in password safe (it’s an oldie but a goodie) – so you have all your passwords handy!
  5. to find the best meeting time for a group of people, don’t go through dozens of email trails, just use doodle.
  6. waze is a great alternative to google maps – it enlists the help of other drivers on the road and tells you how to avoid traffic!
  7. shopshop is another old app and works as a no-frills shopping app – everytime i run out of something at home, i add it to this list. saves me time going through every single aisle in the supermarket when i shop!  also, i hacked it to use it as my travel packing guide – and so have a list of regular items of items in another “shopping list” so i don’t forget to pack my toothpaste etc!

that’s my top 7 tips for now.  i save it for another post for some of my favourite finance apps/websites.

if i’ve missed out any other great apps or programs that help you save time, please let me know!

more time = more time to have fun and do cartwheels!  🙂