process vs outcome

i think we place far too much emphasis on the outcome of things, rather than the process.

“did he win?”


“he displayed such a good attitude in that game”

a reference to the recent alex vs rafa tennis match, in which there was no doubt alex displayed great character through his losing game to my favourite nadal!

our language reveals what we value.

in the last week of every calendar year, i take time out and set goals for the following year.  i’ve been doing this probably for the last 5+ years and for the first time this year, i noticed that i had more habit goals than achievement goals set for 2018.

i realised it’s better to set a goal wanting to exercise 4x a week rather than lose x kgs.  i don’t have control over how my body loses weight, but i do have control over how disciplined i am in going out and doing exercise.

about the photograph – it’s one of my favourite artists from iceland – olafur arnalds.   he creates great music.  and reminds me of my piano days… where i was forced by my parents to play the piano.

u might ask – “what grade did you get up to?” ?

and i will say – i learnt a lot in the process… appreciating good music, the discipline of showing up and practicing regularly (or fooling my piano teacher into thinking i had practice because i am a good sight reader) and the value of creating atmosphere through music!

as mentioned in one of my earlier posts, i’m part of the podcast fellowship and in the first week, i’ve learnt a valuable lesson – to turn up each day and keep doing the work.

i’m all for setting great amazing goals but there’s also something to be said for setting our sights and concentrating on the process… and then let the results speak for itself!