today, i had the privilege of speaking to a group of refugees… to remind them that they matter.

they matter to god.  he cares for every single person.  and i really want to say that to you – yes you, the reader of this blog.  whoever you are, where-ever you come from, whatever your history is.  there is one person who cares for you.  you matter to god.  he created you way before you were even born.  and he loves you.

every person matters here on earth.

i was lucky to have won the birth lottery of being born in singapore, and can’t imagine what it is like to have grown up amongst fighting, bombs, a violent nation.   my heart goes out to people who have been living in a war torn country most of their life.  but it’s not only them that needs to hear this message today.

every person matters.  you can’t say one person is more valuable than another because of their wealth, their nationality, their family.  and i don’t know who you are.. but i know at least one person today needs to hear this.. that you matter.